The Tiempo 15

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  • One size | 16" Torso
  • Tiempo Top Strap and Side Compression Straps included with purchase
Size chart

Pack Sizing

Our Cutaway Pack comes in three sizes (Tiempo is one size):

  • 16"
  • 18"
  • 20"

The most reliable way to choose a comfortable pack size is to measure your torso from your C7 vertebra at the base of your neck to the spot on your hips where you would want your hip belt to sit. If you do not plan to use a hip belt, use that as a starting point to determine where you want the bottom of your pack to be. You can size down if you wish for your pack to be clear of your butt and hips. If you do plan to use your pack with a hip belt, please stick to the sizing method above and pick the larger size if in-between sizes.

Also take the following into consideration:

  • Make sure to stand up straight while measuring.
  • Use a flexible measuring tape or a string (make sure it's not stretchy!) for a more accurate measurement.
  • If you have friends, make one of them help you.
  • If you like wearing your pack low with straps loose, you might want to size up on straps and down on pack size.
  • If you are between sizes and anticipate your pack being relatively empty much of the time, size down.

Shoulder Strap Sizing

Our straps come in four sizes:

  • 16.0in / 41cm
  • 17.5in / 44.5cm
  • 19.0in / 48cm
  • 20.5in / 52cm

The best way to determine your strap size is to take a measurement along the path of the strap, then select the size that more closely resembles your measurement. When in doubt, go up a size. If you need a size that is larger or smaller than what we currently offer, please let us know by emailing us at

Please follow these steps when taking your strap measurement:

  1. Stand up straight with your back against the wall. 
  2. Find the base of your sternum and imagine a horizontal line traveling across your rib cage. The most comfortable place for the bottom of your straps should fall within an inch or two of this line.
  3. Simulate the line of pressure at the bottom of the straps by pressing down with the side of your thumbs. This should help you determine the most natural/comfortable place for the bottom of the straps to ride.
  4. With a measuring tape or string, measure from this point up over the middle of your shoulder (following the path the strap will take), and to the wall behind you at the same height as the top of your shoulder.

Hip Belt Sizing

Our hip belts come in three size ranges:
  • Small: 26" - 33"
  • Medium: 33" - 41"
  • Large: 42" - 48"

Measure your waist at the point where you would wear your hip belt. DO NOT use your pants size! This will not give you an accurate number. If you are between sizes, going to the larger size will give you extra padding without going too close the the minimum size the belt can accommodate. 

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Product Description

A small pack with big-time comfort. The Tiempo maintains our signature level of accessibility and comfort for those on the move with small loads.

Key Features

  • Hydration port + hang loop
  • Hybrid Vest Straps come equipped with six pockets and can accommodate either soft flasks or 1L water bottles.
  • Two large exterior pockets keep items accessible while on the go. 
  • Variable top-closure gives you a variety of options for securing your pack.

Volume: 12L to collar, 17L total internal

Made with 100d Black Robic Nylon

Weight (pack body only): 5.9 oz/165 g

*All weights are approximate - due to the handmade nature of our products, weights may vary.

Custom Sizing

We are not currently offering custom torso lengths, however, if you need shoulder straps that are shorter than 16" or larger than 20.5" we will do our best to accommodate you. 


If you have any questions about repairs, please email us directly at rather than using the form below and include photos of the area in need of repair.   

Combining Orders

Multiple orders can be combined and shipped together but this does not change the price of shipping that was already charged.

Currency Listed for International Orders

All prices are converted automatically and should be listed in your local currency. 

Warranty & Returns
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jason Cheek
Genuinely amazed by how great this pack is!

As an avid runner and ultralight backpacker, I've been curious for some time now about combining those passions in the pursuit of fastpacking, and the Tiempo kept showing up as I searched for highly-regarded fastpacks on the internet. I reached out to Nashville Pack folks with a bunch of questions and curiosity about whether my current gear could fit in such a small pack, and Levi & Grant were immediately helpful, being very generous with their time to discuss all the details of the pack with me. After getting the chance to hear their insights behind the design of the pack, I excitedly purchased the stock Tiempo with the hybrid vest straps, and have not been disappointed!

I haven't had a chance yet to take the pack on an overnight trip, but I did go ahead and take it out on a 15-mile trail run on fairly technical singletrack, fully loaded with all my 3-season overnight gear: shelter (tarp + bivy), sleep system (inflatable pad + quilt), camp clothes, wind/rain gear, food, 1.5L water, and all the other odds-and-ends (all of which did indeed fit within the capacity of the pack)...and I simply can't believe how great the Tiempo felt while running. It was so stable and bounce-free that I often forgot it was still on my back, and the run was a total joy. Between the lycra bottom-pocket (where I stashed my calories for the run), and all the pockets on the straps (2x 0.75L smart water bottles, phone, inReach, etc.), I could reach everything I needed mid-run without taking the pack off, and I finished the run with no hint of sore spots or pressure-points from the pack.

At this point, I can't wait to take the pack out for an overnight trip when time permits, as I can imagine happily covering some serious mileage with such a comfortable and thoughtfully-designed pack. The workmanship is absolutely top-notch, the design seems flawless, and at this point I can't imagine any improvements. I'm super-impressed with the pack itself, and even more so with Nashville Pack as a company...I don't think I can recommend them highly enough!

Jeremy Jones
Great running pack

I've been using the stock Tiempo for about 9 months, ranging from relatively short trail running outings, overnight fastpacking, and multi-day trips where I don't need a shelter and quilt.

I find the volume a bit small for overnight fastpacking, but it is doable for a stable weather window in good conditions if I bring only the bare minimum. My quilt is the limiting factor, so perhaps those with super small sleep systems can make this pack work better for an overnight.

I most recently used this pack for a 9 day hut-to-hut trail running trip in the Swiss Alps. It was absolutely perfect. Super easy to access what I needed on the move without taking off my pack, and just the right volume for packing some layers, a change of clothes, first aid kit, sleeping bag liner, electronics, and food without struggling to cram everything in. The bottom pocket is great for bars and small snacks, no problem with things falling out, and very easy to access while on the move. The upper pocket is great for stashing a wind layer, a sandwich, cheese/sausage, and will fit all of this stuff at the same time if needed.

This pack runs very well for the volume. I find it has less bounce than similarly sized packs (Black Diamond's "Distance" packs, for instance), but that could just be my own stride. If you are used to a Cutaway, this pack is not just a smaller iteration: the Tiempo rides higher and closer than the Cutaway, and is therefore a lot more runnable. It does compress down fairly well using the bungie system on the top pocket and the optional side compression straps.

No issues with durability or craftsmanship, this is well built, and reasonably sturdy considering the weight. I am starting to see some wear on some of my strap pockets, but I had been using those straps on a Cutaway (they swap over in 2 minutes or less) for some time previously, and am not all that careful with my gear.

Quinn A
A fantastic and unique pack - Nashville Packs knows their stuff!!

I took the Tiempo on a 27 mile day hike today, and WOW. It's an amazing and extremely comfortable pack. The straps are thick and soft and hug your body so well that there's no shifting around when running. The little pack sits up high which I found to be very comfortable and I was able to reach snacks from the lower pocket and put my InReach in the higher one. By the end of my trip I didn't have any sore or chafed spots at all. Nashville Packs is definitely on to something and I highly recommend this pack to anyone.

Nick Fowler
Best fastpack on the market

This is technically a review for both the Tiempo and the Cutaway. I’ll never use another ultralight pack again. The ease of access to nearly anything on the go without stopping, the comfort, the design, the pockets, etc - they’ve nailed it. The folks at Nashville Pack are revolutionizing the ultralight backpack industry. Once you wear this pack, you’ll never go back. The Cutaway can fit nearly anything in it or on it (if you’re a UL backpacker) and the Tiempo is simply just magic - best fastpack there is.