Pack Torso Length Sizing:

The most reliable way to choose a comfortable pack size is to measure your torso from your C7 vertebra to your iliac crest. The C7 vertebra is the most noticeable vertebra at the base of your neck. The iliac crest is the top of the hip-bone at the back.

If you wish to use your pack with a hip belt, please stick to the sizing method above and pick the larger size if in-between sizes.

If you do not plan to use a hip belt, you can size down if you wish for your pack to be clear of your butt and hips.

Shoulder Strap Sizing

Our J straps come in two sizes

9.0in / 23cm
10.5in / 26.5cm

Our vest straps come in four sizes:

16.0in / 41cm
17.5in / 44.5cm
19.0in / 48cm
20.5in / 52cm

The best way to determine your strap size is to take a measurement along the path of the strap, then select the size that more closely resembles your measurement. If in doubt, go up a size. If you need a size that is larger or smaller than what we currently offer, please let us know by emailing us at

Please follow these steps when taking your strap measurement:

  1. Stand up straight with your back against the wall. 
  2. For J Straps: Find the height at which you'd like your sternum strap to ride, and find the point at which this sternum strap would intersect with your shoulder strap.

    For Vest Straps: Find the base of your sternum and imagine a horizontal line traveling across your rib cage. For women, this may be at or close to your bra-line. Determine if you would like to wear your straps wide or close in on your chest and find a point on the horizontal line that would represent this strap position.
  3. With a measuring tape or string, measure from this point up over the middle of your shoulder, and to the wall behind you at the same height as the top of your shoulder.