Cutaway Pack Fabrics

EPL UltraWeave

Composition - 100d or 200d face fabric of blended Ultra PE recycled polyester, 0.5 mil matte recycled film backing.

EPL UltraWeave fabric pairs an incredibly tough face fabric with a tapeable and water impermeable film backing. The weight to durability ratio for this fabric is excellent, and is a great all-around fabric for on-trail adventures. We seam tape all of our EPL UltraWeave packs for seam strength, but still recommend a liner to ensure contents remain dry.


Composition - 210d recycled nylon with a double Ultra (UHMWPE) grid and a C0 DWR coating and a waterproof 1500mm PU backing.

Nostalgic for the times when Gridstop was king? UltraGrid fabric is the next generation. Comparable to a traditional 210d Gridstop nylon, it is lighter, stiffer, and stronger all while being made with recycled nylon from pre-consumer industrial waste. Its Ultra fiber double-grid pattern gives it excellent tear strength and the 210d face fabric provides the durability it is known for. The PU coating makes the fabric waterproof in most hiking conditions, however, the seams are not taped and moisture transmission into the pack is possible. As always, we recommend using a pack liner for those essential items you need to keep dry. Like any fabric with a nylon face, UltraGrid does absorb and hold moisture.


Composition - 210d nylon face, polyester X-Ply reinforcement threads at 22 degrees, and a .5 mil PET film

X21 uses the same 210 denier face fabric as the more common VX21 fabric but has a .5 mil polyester PET film backing instead of a woven polyester - this makes it lighter and more flexible and also enables it to be seam taped. It is great in wet conditions and handles abrasion and tears well. It is less expensive than EPL UltraWeave and DCF hybrid at a slightly higher weight. 

2.92 oz DCF Hybrid

Composition - 1.43 oz/sy Non-Woven Dyneema Laminate, 50d Polyester Face Fabric.

2.92 oz DCF Hybrid is one of the lightest pack fabrics we use, and is incredibly strong. The fabric absorbs no water, and is great for wet conditions. Repairs using DCF tape are easy. We seam tape all of our DCF packs for seam strength, but still recommend a liner to ensure contents remain dry.

Tiempo Pack Fabrics

100d Robic Nylon

Composition - 100d Robic Nylon Ripstop with a PU Coated Interior.

This fabric is very strong and durable for the weight, and is the most affordable body fabric we use. The PU coated interior makes the fabric waterproof, but the nylon fibers may absorb moisture over time. Wet conditions can add weight to the bag and the material may sag.