VX07 Soft - 4.7 oz/yd2 - $

Our "stock" material, VX07 Soft offers a durable, light, and affordable package that's hard to beat.  Using a non-film, silent laminate sandwiched between the nylon face and polyester taffeta backing, VX07 Soft provides exceptional hand-feel without the crinkly or stiff nature of it's cousin X-Pac fabrics.

Dimension Polyant products are produced with an offset carbon footprint.

Construction: 3-layer laminate

  1. DWR on a 70d Ripstop nylon face
  2. Post-Consumer recycled polyester X-Ply 22°
  3. 50d polyester taffeta backing

Aluula Graflyte V98 - 2.9 oz/yd- $$$

Our newest offering, Nashville Pack has partnered with Aluula Composites to bring Graflyte to the ultralight backpacking market.  Built with a 100% UHMWPE face and chemically bonded PE film, the fully recyclable Graflyte sets the new standard on weight, durability, and sustainability.  It won't delaminate.  It doesn't tear.  It doesn't stain.  It has excellent UV resistance.  It is heat-weldable and thermoformable. 

The most innovative company in the ultralight backpacking space brings you the most innovative material.

Construction: 2-layer laminate - Single polymer construction

  1. 100% UHMWPE face
  2. PE film

      EPX200 - 5.9 oz/yd2 - $

      Solid durability, affordable price, and a fantastic color set, EPX200 by Challenge Outdoor has become a best-seller for a reason.  If you're looking for a vibrant and fun pack, look no further.

      Construction: 3-layer laminate

      1. C0 DWR (No Fluorocarbons) on 200d polyester face
      2. 45° Blue CrossPly
      3. 70d polyester ripstop backing

      UltraGrid - 4.3 oz/yd2 - $

      Nylon ripstops with UHMWPE grids have dominated the "durable pack" market for years, and for good reason.  Recycled out of pre-consumer waste and coated with a C0 DWR free of toxins, UltraGrid will withstand a beating, has a low carbon footprint, and looks fantastic to boot.

      Construction: Woven

      1. 1500mm PU coating
      2. Recycled 210d nylon x 5mm double 200d Ultra grid

          *Ultra 100X - 3.3 oz/yd2 - $$$

          The lightest of Challenge Outdoor's Ultraweave collection, Ultra100X offers the bleeding edge of weight, durability, and weather resistance.  All Ultraweave packs are taped for seam integrity and increased weather resistance.

          Construction: 3-layer laminate

          1. 100d face Ultra-PE blended with high-tenacity polyester (UHMWPE + polyester)
          2. Black Ultra CrossPly Grid
          3. 0.75 mil Virgin PET film

          *Ultra 200X - 3.8 oz/yd2 - $$$

          The heavier version of Ultraweave, 200X is our most popular premium fabric.  Many choose this over 100X for the minimal weigh penalty for superior durability.  We doubt you'll wear through either.

          Construction: 2-layer laminate

          1. 200d face Ultra-PE blended with high-tenacity polyester (UHMWPE + polyester)
          2. Black Ultra CrossPly Grid
          3. 0.75 mil Virgin PET film

          *UltraWeave Disclaimer 

          Ultra 100X and Ultra 200X laminate fabrics are excellent options with many great properties, but they may experience delamination under certain conditions with extended use. Delamination is not the end of the usable lifespan of the fabric, but it does compromise the water resistance of the fabric. Nashville Pack will not cover delamination under its warranty - please consider whether UltraWeave fabrics are the best choice for your expected use before purchase. Some tips for reducing the likelihood of delamination:

            1. Do not overload your pack. Keep base weights and total carry weights low.
            2. Reduce opportunities for dynamic loading (running, scrambling, etc).
            3. Use your pack with a liner (always recommended) and reduce the opportunity for sharp pack contents to abrade the interior film of the fabric.
            4. Treat your pack with respect.

            Key Terms


            Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene fibers are the building blocks for many high-end laminates, including DCF and Ultra. This polymer carries incredible strength in both abrasion and tear strength, with exceptionally low weight.


            Along with nylon, a common technical synthetic fabric comprised of polymer fibers in various weave styles. Often used as a backing or face fabric within a more complex laminate structure.


            Like polyester, a technical synthetic polymer that is used in a variety of weaves and fabric types. Absorbs water and sags, but is quick drying and durable.


            Often designated by the "d", ex., 100d, 210d, etc. - A measurement of the linear density of any given fabric in grams per 9000 meters (for standardization across all fibers). Higher denier = thicker, stronger fibers


            Durable Water Repellent - Polymer spray commonly applied to the outside of technical fabrics to help resist water retention. Helps moisture bead up and roll off fabrics.

            Laminate fabric

            A fabric crafted by laminating various layers together to combine properties, like waterproofness and durability.

            Woven fabric

            Any fabric comprised of fibers woven into a strong, durable material. Often more pliable and durable than laminates, but less water resistant.