Meet the Team

Co-founded by Levi "Bedhead" Morton and Grant "Gusha" Leonardi in their garage, Nashville Pack and Equipment Company is expanding to meet the needs of the community. With a growing staff and our first real commercial space, we are ready to spread our wings!

Grant "Gusha" Leonardi

Triple Crowner, Ultrarunner

Taller than you imagined

Levi "Bedhead" Morton

2018 AT SOBO

Huge Dad Energy

OG Sewist
Nick Harley

Has music on Spotify!

Best hair in the shop

Customer Experience
Jonathan Hallenbeck Ask

Can quote Frozen from memory

From one of the Dakotas

Maud "Toe" van der Beek

PCT class of 2022

Monopoly Deal evangelist

Andrew Goldring

Dog dad, rock climber, painter

Also on Spotify

Caleb Trotter

Board game geek

Growing pumpkins in AmeriCorps