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MTO Tiempo 15

  • Made in USA
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Regular price$295.00

  • One size | 16" Torso
  • Tiempo Top Strap and Side Compression Straps included with purchase
Size chart

Pack Sizing

Our Cutaway Pack comes in three sizes (Tiempo is one size):

  • 16"
  • 18"
  • 20"

The most reliable way to choose a comfortable pack size is to measure your torso from your C7 vertebra at the base of your neck to the spot on your hips where you would want your hip belt to sit. If you do not plan to use a hip belt, use that as a starting point to determine where you want the bottom of your pack to be. You can size down if you wish for your pack to be clear of your butt and hips. If you do plan to use your pack with a hip belt, please stick to the sizing method above and pick the larger size if in-between sizes.

Also take the following into consideration:

  • Make sure to stand up straight while measuring.
  • Use a flexible measuring tape or a string (make sure it's not stretchy!) for a more accurate measurement.
  • If you have friends, make one of them help you.
  • If you like wearing your pack low with straps loose, you might want to size up on straps and down on pack size.
  • If you are between sizes and anticipate your pack being relatively empty much of the time, size down.

Shoulder Strap Sizing

Our straps come in four sizes:

  • 16.0in / 41cm
  • 17.5in / 44.5cm
  • 19.0in / 48cm
  • 20.5in / 52cm

The best way to determine your strap size is to take a measurement along the path of the strap, then select the size that more closely resembles your measurement. When in doubt, go up a size. If you need a size that is larger or smaller than what we currently offer, please let us know by emailing us at

Please follow these steps when taking your strap measurement:

  1. Stand up straight with your back against the wall. 
  2. Find the base of your sternum and imagine a horizontal line traveling across your rib cage. The most comfortable place for the bottom of your straps should fall within an inch or two of this line.
  3. Simulate the line of pressure at the bottom of the straps by pressing down with the side of your thumbs. This should help you determine the most natural/comfortable place for the bottom of the straps to ride.
  4. With a measuring tape or string, measure from this point up over the middle of your shoulder (following the path the strap will take), and to the wall behind you at the same height as the top of your shoulder.

Hip Belt Sizing

Our hip belts come in three size ranges:
  • Small: 26" - 33"
  • Medium: 33" - 41"
  • Large: 42" - 48"

Measure your waist at the point where you would wear your hip belt. DO NOT use your pants size! This will not give you an accurate number. If you are between sizes, going to the larger size will give you extra padding without going too close the the minimum size the belt can accommodate. 

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Product Description

A small pack with big-time comfort. The Tiempo maintains our signature level of accessibility and comfort for those on the move with small loads.

Key Features

  • Hydration port + hang loop
  • Hybrid Vest Straps come equipped with six pockets and can accommodate either soft flasks or 1L water bottles.
  • Two large exterior pockets keep items accessible while on the go. 
  • Variable top-closure gives you a variety of options for securing your pack.


12L to collar, 17L total internal


The following chart lists the estimated weights of the pack body in various fabrics. Add the weight of straps and accessories listed below to estimate the full weight of your pack.  

*All weights are approximate - due to the handmade nature of our products, weights may vary.

UltraGrid - 6.1 oz / 173 g

Ultra 100X - 5.4 oz / 153 g

Ultra 200X - 6.1 oz / 173 g

2.92 DCF - 5.1 oz / 145 g

Shoulder Straps

  • 16.0" Hybrid Vest Straps: 4.8 oz / 136 g
  • 17.5" Hybrid Vest Straps: 5.0 oz / 142 g
  • 19.0" Hybrid Vest Straps: 5.1 oz / 145 g
  • 20.5" Hybrid Vest Straps: 5.2 oz / 147 g

Sternum Straps

  • Standard sternum strap: 0.3 oz / 9 g
  • Elastic sternum strap: 0.4 oz / 10 g


  • Tiempo Top Strap: 0.5 oz / 14 g
  • Set of Side Compression Straps: 0.5 oz / 14 g 
  • 1" Removable Hip Belt: 2.0 oz / 57 g

Our made-to-order packs are available in a wide-variety of different fabric options. Please see our Materials Page for more details and please don't hesitate to reach out to us at if you have any questions.

Expediting an Order

If you need your pack completed sooner than the listed lead time, it is sometimes possible for us to expedite an order if you are willing to pay an overtime fee. This is dependent on our staff accepting overtime and does not impact the lead time of other products in the queue.

Custom Sizing

We are not currently offering custom torso lengths, however, if you need shoulder straps that are shorter than 16" or larger than 20.5" we will do our best to accommodate you. 


If you have any questions about repairs, please email us directly at rather than using the form below and include photos of the area in need of repair.   

Changing an Existing Order 

  • Made-to-order products cannot be changed once the fabric order has been placed.
  • Multiple orders can be combined and shipped together but this does not change the price of shipping that was already charged.

Currency Listed for International Orders

All prices are converted automatically and should be listed in your local currency. 

Warranty & Returns
See our Warranty and Returns page.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Me and my Tiempo heading out to find the Mongaup Summit.
Lots to say about my Tiny Tiempo

I absolutely love my Tiempo! I haven't named her yet, but I used her immediately for a 13 mile bushwhack in the Catskills (NY). I never once felt her - meaning the fit was so incredible, I never adjusted a strap or re-positioned her once even though we were getting slapped around by and hung up on branches and scraping under trees. AND I carried everything I would carry on a hike like this except for my Sam Splints, which I had loads of room for if I wanted. I did have a concern that my phone (a large Motorola 2021 Edge) would fall out because it peeked out of the pocket on the strap, but even when I fell and hit the trail hard, the phone stayed in the vest-style strap pocket! My sons bought me the additional hip belt and the wallet which is such a treat because it made more food even more readily available for me! :)
The following weekend, I ran my first long distance trail race and I used her. Again, I never once noticed it. I was able to grab some rain gear without stopping and also get snacks along the way. I'm not an ultra-light hiker, but was turned on to the pack by friends who are and use the Cutaway. There was concern I was choosing a size too small, but it's serving the purpose I intended it to perfectly! I plan to use my Tiempo as a day pack and also for off trail activities when I travel or even go to fairs. Just looking for the perfect name for her.

Sam Sayen
Love it

Tiempo, but in DCF…. Nuff said, best fast pack on the trails.