Cutaway Pack Specs

Materials: VX07 Soft fabric

Pack Volume/Weight (Does not include straps or accessories)

Torso Length 16"/404 mm 18"/457 mm  20"/508 mm
Internal Volume at Collar 26L 28L 30L
Total Internal Volume 31L 33L 35L
Weight (pack body only)
10.1 oz/286 g
10.3 oz/292g
10.5 oz/298 g

*All weights are approximate - due to the handmade nature of our products, weights may vary.

**The internal volumes listed above are true measurements, not estimates using the dimensions of the pack. The outside pockets add roughly 10L bringing the total max volume of the pack to 41-45L. 


Because the Cutaway Pack is a tapered half-cylinder (not a simple rectangle like many packs), the dimensions cannot be expressed as a basic LxWxH. The bottom of the pack (and the bottom pocket) is a half-circle with a 6” radius. The back panel is 13” at the point where shoulder straps attach and tapers to 12” at the base. The circumference of the pack is ~35" at 12" below the collar seam and ~35.5" at the collar seam. These dimensions allow a BV450 bear can to be packed in any orientation at mid- or upper-back. This is true for any of our torso lengths but the length of the pack below that point changes accordingly. The collar is 12” with a circumference of ~36” at the top opening regardless of pack size making the total height of the pack 12” + the torso length.