Fretless Description

Don't fret! This full-feature ultralight backpack offers the comfort and accessibility we're known for with a larger volume and maximum weight-carrying capacity.

Key Features

  • A removable three-piece floating hip belt and single aluminum frame stay offer freedom of movement at the hips and unrivaled adjustability.
  • Utilizes the same Hybrid Vest Straps (sold separately) as our other packs which provide an outstanding level of comfort and organization.
  • The continuous outside pocket is large enough to accommodate many shelter systems!
  • Made with more durable fabric to handle heavier loads.
  • A variety of optional accessories provide additional opportunities for personalization.

Max load recommendation: 

  • 35 lbs / 16 kg when using the frame and belt.
  • 25 lbs / 11.5 kg without frame and belt.

Weight including straps, belt, and frame stay but not optional accessories: 26-28.9 oz