The Cutaway - Shop Now

The Cutaway - Shop Now

Our flagship pack. Made for thru-hiking, day-hiking, and everything in between.

A fully accessible ultralight pack

The Cutaway is a frameless backpack designed to improve accessibility while on the move. 28 liters at its smallest, it can expand to roughly 40 liters when using the extension collar and all 10 exterior pockets. All exterior pockets can be accessed while wearing the pack. If you don’t want to stop throughout the day, you don’t have to.

 A comfortable ride

We designed our straps without structure so they can contour to your body and eliminate point loading. The straps are constructed using a breathable mesh, allowing you to dry out faster. Both chest straps are on sliders so the wearer can adjust the strap position to their needs.


Pack Size Strap Length Pack Height
Taller 18 in/46 cm 20 in/51 cm
Smaller 17 in/43 cm 18 in/46 cm
The Cutaway currently comes in two sizes – Smaller and Taller. Due to the lack of hip-belt and the height-adjustable chest straps, both sizes will ride comfortably on most people. Needs such as having a particularly large or small chest, having flexibility issues, or needing the smallest possible pack volume can dictate which size you select.
Chest Size: (video coming) A measurement along the path of the strap can help you select your pack size. In order to get an accurate measurement, stand up straight with your back against the wall. Find the base of your sternum where the bone ends, and imagine a horizontal line traveling across your rib cage. Determine if you would like to wear your straps wide or close in on your chest and find a point on the horizontal line that would represent this strap position. Measure from this point up over the middle of your shoulder, and to the wall behind you at the same height as the top of your shoulder. Select the size that more closely resembles your measurement. Due to the height-adjustable chest straps, measurements up to 4″ shorter than the specified strap length can still be accommodated.  It is not recommended that you select strap lengths shorter than your measurement.
Poor Flexibility: If you have flexibility issues that affect your ability to access water bottles, select a larger pack height so that the pack bottom rides lower on your torso.
Small Pack Volume: If you expect to carry small volumes often, select a pack with a shorter pack height. It will have the same max volume but will pack down smaller.


12.5-14.5 oz
~40L, 32L Internal/~8L External
Carrying Capacity
25lb comfort, 30lb max
Body Materials
Multiple – See our materials page for further details
Water Bottle Pouch Materials
Multiple – See our materials page for further details
Open Mesh Materials
Strap Pocket Materials
Power Mesh
Bottom Pocket Materials
Polyester Spandex
Seam Sealed
Warranty See our warranty page